The Language-Endowed Intelligent Agents (LEIA) Lab

Co-Directors: Marjorie McShane & Sergei Nirenburg

Our lab investigates aspects of human-like behavior in artificial intelligent agents by developing computational cognitive models. The goal is to build agents that not only serve as useful collaborators but can also explain their behavior, which is key to building trust in AI.

Building human-like, explainable language-endowed intelligent agents (LEIAs) is a long-term objective for which good strategy is essential. Our methodologies include:

Our lab's work is primarily funded by the Office of Naval Research.

Select books

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  • McShane, M., and Nirenburg, S. (2021). Linguistics for the Age of AI. The MIT Press. Available open access here
  • Nirenburg, S. (ed.). 2009. Language Engineering for Lesser-Studied Languages. Amsterdam: IOS Press.
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