What is Games & Guts?
Games & Guts was a hands on studio course using gaming constructs and techniques in making art. Students created interactive game prototypes using a variety of two and three dimensional visual approaches with various interactive applications and materials. Students crafted new interface modalities that went beyond existing gaming paradigms. We used existing gaming practice to satirize and comment on the prevalent military type model and create alternative paradigms.

What is this Website?
This website is designed to showcase the work of the Spring 2001 Games & Guts class. While the first half of the semester was based upon developing smaller gaming prototypes, the second half of the semester was spent exclusively developing a large game project. Students worked individually or in small teams to create these large projects. This website will showcase these gaming prototypes.

How do I Learn More?
To learn more about Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, check out our website at www.rensselaer.edu. To learn more about the RPI Electronic Media, Arts, and Communications (EMAC) program, please visit the program website at www.emac.rpi.edu. For inquiries about Games & Guts, please email the course instructor, Kathleen Ruiz at ruiz@rpi.edu.

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