Kathleen Ruiz,
Assistant Professor of Electronic Art & Information Technology
email:   phone: 518-276-2539
office: West Hall G-05
office hours: Wed. 3-5 PM and by appointment

Colleen Mulrenan,
Graduate Teaching Assistant
office hours:Tues. 12-2PM VAST Studio

Student Mentor: Jonathan Roetman
office hours: VAST Studio, Fri. 7-9PM

The Art of
ARTS 4962-01

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Section 01 Mon/Thurs 4-5:50PM

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game image compliation by Kathleen Ruiz, Rich Cyzweski, & Rocco Balsamo

The Art of Gaming is a hands-on studio arts course focusing on the creation of workable game prototypes using a variety of two and three dimensional interactive multimedia applications and materials. Games are analyzed as cultural artifacts reflecting behavior, the representation of gender and multimedia design and delivery systems. The crafting of new interface modalities that go beyond existing gaming paradigms is a primary goal.

Topics Covered- A short history of gaming, and an archeology and analysis of personal gaming preferences leads into a review the elements which go into making a compelling gaming experience including storytelling, action, character design, motion, rules, game play, level design, visualization, sound design, implementation, and time frame. Games will be considered as a new, unnamed as yet, genre stemming from film and interactive experiences with the computer. Socio cultural awareness, game theory, games & art and game delivery systems will be covered.

 Technical Skills Covered- game design fundamentals, 2 and 3 dimensional character and level design, and interactive elements.

 Course Objectives: 

1.  Explore new approaches to the concept of “game” & “play” and start to define an aesthetic within this emerging expressive form.

2.  Examine the work of several artists, theoreticians, and institutions who engage in game creation.

3.  Develop art making strategies which merge concept, process and form -- encouraging approaches that are at once inquisitive, analytical, creative, experimental and articulate.