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1.Personal Game Archeology
Sept 5/6

Archeology and analysis of personal gaming preferences from:

a. childhood and

b. today as an adult

research and present a short talk and demonstration of your favorite game\toy as a child and why and your favorite game\toy as an adult and why. Include a brief history of the origins of the game, and why this is a compelling game experience for you.


* Pesce, Mark. The Playful World: How Technology is Transforming Our Imagination, New York: Balantine, 2000. (printed),  and also at

* Internationale Situationniste

2. Design the scenario planning game “Yet to Come”
due Sept 16/17

Create a short game proposal plan including sketches/sample sounds/programming elements/gameplay) which envisions the future and uses strategy

 Working collaboratively in groups of four, (creating a balanced team consisting of the following talents: visual artist, programmer, sound composer, & designer)

use a process known as scenario planning where a group of people share information and judgment to create a picture of the future larger than any individual could produce alone.

Tell a story or narrative through the use of various multimedia elements which work together to give form to your ideas.

Each person in the group must detail their contributions.

Everything But the Words: A Dramatic Writing Primer for Gamers, Hal Barwood
Storytelling in Action, Bob Bates

3. Game Prototype Phase I – Storyboard concept, rough sketches, develop a short comic strip storyboard to communicate your ideas. due Sept 26/27

Readings: (printed)
Games Grow Up,
A Game Boy in the Cross Hairs,
Beyond Shoot your Friends
Addictive Technologies
The Addictiveness of Games, Steve Meretsky Download Document

 4. Dynamic Game Study

Design a short interactive game based on your previously designed storyboard comic strip in any application preferred (ie. Powerpoint, Flash, Director, VRML, your own Program, etc.) due Oct 10/ 11

Topics: Game Design Interface (human factors, cog sci, sociology, psychology, anthropology, design aesthetics, graphics) & Delivery Systems: web, computer, arcade, innovative concepts
Eric Zimmerman
Carl Goodman

Readings: (printed) The Construction of Experience: Interface as Content David Rokeby
The Art and Science of Level Design Cliff Bleszinski Download Word Document

5. (Optional for extra credit or instead of short study #4)
Avatar, Synthespian Design and Issues of Synthetic Characters
Oct 10/ 11

Design a character in 3DStudio Max and inhabit it with human motion relating to your game play. 

Readings (printed) “Perfect Model: Georgeous, No Complaints”…..,
“Do Androids Long for Mom?”
Game Character Creation Paul Douglas, Toby Gard Download Word Document

***Midterm Project: **** due Oct 14/15

Game Prototype Phase II – further development incorporating critical feedback including treatment, narrative, storyboard, research with artist statement and at least 5 citations of games/websites/readings/films that have influenced you. (Conceptual Geography, Maps, Scenarios, trainers, strategies, symbolism, scoring, rules, etc.)

The following may be helpful as a guide:

Game Prototype Phase III – polishing and refinement of methodology, delivery system, game design document Due Oct 28/29

Phase IV- Final Project Reviews due Nov 18/19 - Nov 21/22

Phase V- Final Completed Game Project due Nov 25/, Dec 2/3 a purposeful work which goes beyond conventional style gaming paradigms and shows depth and quality of interaction. The game must be functional and must be accompanied by a completed, (web ready and stand alone) game design document. see: gamedesigndocument.htm