How to take the course:

Show up. Attendance is mandatory every week. Do the work. Do the readings and come prepared to ask questions. Turn work in on time. Contribute to the discussions.


Goals- - the creation of workable game prototypes using a variety of two and three dimensional interactive multimedia applications and materials for computer, web and innovative delivery systems. An increased awareness of games as cultural artifacts reflecting behavior, the representation of gender and . The crafting of new interface modalities that go beyond existing gaming paradigms.


Assumed Knowledge and Skills- Some background in any of the following: 2D or 3D digital imaging, programming, animation, human-computer interaction, or cognitive science.


Topics Covered- a short history of gaming leads into a review the elements which go into making a compelling gaming experience including storytelling, action, character design, motion, rules, game play, level design, visualization, sound design, implementation, and time frame. Games are considered as a new genre stemming from film and interactive experiences with the computer. Socio cultural awareness, game theory, games & art and game delivery systems.

Requirements and Evaluation: Students must demonstrate satisfactory achievement of course objectives through fulfillment of course projects and by contributing to class discussions and critiques.


25% Short studies (6.25% each x 4)

50% Final Project with artist statement

15% Midterm

10% Participation in class

If you have any questions at any time about your creative work trajectory or your grades please speak with your instructor.

Required materials:

* An active RCS account.

* approximately 7 CDs

* Other materials on a project basis


Fabrication costs/materials:

You will be making a number of digital prints/manifestations of your work on and off campus. The costs of digital printing vary, but be prepared to incur at least $25 in fabrication/material costs.