Always back-up your work frequently; that is, every time you make something you think is worth keeping. Systems crash when least expected and you could lose all your work. It is a good idea to make three backups (on different media), as storage media are sometimes unstable.

General: Please keep in mind that manuals are for your use in class and lab. You will sign out & be responsible for them from the ER.They are very useful as reference guides. Try not to batter or deface any equipment in any way or lose files and folders belonging to our class or other classes. Please report studio lab problems to lab staff immediately via Equipment Trouble Reports System at:

Please follow the guidelines for working in each studio very carefully, as you will be held personally responsible for problems you incur.

Always save onto your own media or into your account as files left on hard drives will be removed.

Also, please keep in mind the highly addictive aspects of working with computers. Many people lose track of time and later wonder why they have severe back, neck and eye problems. It is a good idea to take a rest every 15 to 20 minutes. Look up or beyond your computer or, better still, at a long distance to relax your eyes. Take a walk or stretch. Fatigue can lead to frustration. Stay in touch with your body's needs. Working with computers can at times be frustrating. Before having a breakdown, take a break.

Electronic Communication:

Email: All students are expected to have an active electronic mail account, and should check mail at least four times a week for class information. Some essential class information is communicated by email only.

Statement On Academic Integrity:


Class Specific: Collaboration and discussion about class projects is actively encouraged, and is in no way considered cheating. This is a studio course, and personal ownership of information is not deemed to be appropriate. Original images/game designs are required except where indicated otherwise. Projects are expected to reflect personal endeavor, but may also be collaborative in nature when the nature of the collaboration is clearly indicated.

Academic Honesty: Student relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. Students must be able to trust that their teachers have made responsible decisions about the structure and content of the course and that they are conscientiously making their best effort to help students learn. Teachers must be able to trust that students do their work conscientiously and honestly making their best effort to learn. Acts that violate this mutual respect and trust undermine the educational process. They counteract our very reason for being here at Rensselaer and will not be tolerated. Any student who engages in any form of academic dishonesty will receive an F in this course and will be reported to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary action. The Rensselaer Handbook defines various forms of Academic Dishonesty and procedures for responding to them. All of these forms are violations of trust between students and teachers. Please familiarize yourself with this portion of the handbook.

Gender-fair language: Because the way we speak and write affects the way we think, everyone in this course is expected to use gender-fair language in all discussions and writing. A guide to gender-fair language is available from the Writing Center and from the Library.

Class Attendance Policy: As an enrolled student, you have made a commitment to this class and your attendance is a significant part of that commitment. Attendance will be taken at every class. An absence is considered excused if the student has informed the course instructor by phone, email or in person before the beginning of the class and the excuse is considered reasonable by the instructor. All students are required to be on time and in attendance for each and every class. Students arriving to class more than 10 minutes late may be counted as absent. Two (2) unexcused absences will result in a reduction of one entire letter grade. Four or more absences will result in a zero for class participation.

Adherence to deadlines
is expected. It is the individual student's responsibility to keep track of deadlines and to present the work to the class and instructor on the specified dates. 15% per day will be subtracted from late assignments.

Letter grade equivalents for the course are as follows:

90 - 100 A

80 - 89.99 B

70 - 79.99 C

60 - 69.99 D

0 - 59.99 F

If you are concerned about your grade at any point during the semester, please do not hesitate to contact your Instructor and schedule an appointment during office hours.