Experimental Game Design


Course Topics


Histories: Personal Game Archaeology: learning about the social, cultural, political and economic conditions from which emerge


Arts Practice and Creativity in the Trans-disciplinary Studio


Philosophical considerations:

††††††††††† - Purpose why make it, why play it

††††††††††† - Message
††††††††††† - Target

- Content

- Immediate and Long Term Projected Socio-Cultural Project Impact?

††††††††††† - Methodology


Ernest Adamsí Design Philosophy

- what does the player do?

- The physical, intellectual, emotional, economicand ethical space


Understanding and subversion


Innovatorship: DIY Indy Design Challenge beyond FPS: (solo and temporary team based)

Team Building, successful collaboration

Scenario Planning

Game Design & Documentation

Designing and Producing Games: message, research, prototyping, iterative design process, GDD, target audience, story, characters, levels, models of interaction, delivery systems, tools, programming environments, art, testing, reiterating, and promotion

Intersections: games and theater, games and cinema, games and work, games and life


Generational Divide or Games for Seniors? Inside the Box http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/20/books/review/Suellentrop-t.html




Artists and Games

Serious Games


Social Action Games Genres/Games for Change


Social Issues:

Behavior (catharsis, sublimation, desensitization)

Virtual Violence: games of war, games preventing war, games and peace
Social Formation




Ethics of and in simulations


Emotion in Games


Romance and Games

Perspective: standard, inverse, innovation in gravity


Breaking through the 4th Wall
(the imaginary boundary between any fictional work and its audience)

Intentional Design Fails

Action Games

Real-Time Strategy

Turn-Based Strategy


Sports Games


Adventure Games

Immersive/Pervasive Reality/Blended Reality/ARGs

Emerging Genres


Delivery Systems




The Future of Games & Simulation


Innovative Interface


games in EGD have been created using:

2D: Flash, Java, others

3D: OpenGL, C++, C~

Game Engines: Ogre3D, MS Visual Studio and XNA Framework, Unity, Python, Torque, WII, custom engineered, and others††††††

Mods: Unreal, Quake, Others

Interfaces: IR, EEG, EKG, Olfaction,


Reward or Pain in Interface Design


Game Play Gestalt