Experimental Game Design Spring 2008 Projects

Ian Stead's world image created for Experimental Game Design
Project Alterius © Ian Stead

Kathleen Ruiz

Associate Professor of Integrated Arts
E-Mail: ruiz@rpi.edu
Phone: 518-276-2539
Office: West Hall 314c

Experimental Game Design is a team-based interdisciplinary studio arts course focusing on the creation of innovative workable game prototypes using a variety of multimedia approaches, methodologies and materials. Games are analyzed as cultural artifacts reflecting behavior, social formation, and the representation of gender, ethnicity and identity. Factors in game design including flow, game theory, and game play gestalt are taken into consideration. The aesthetics of game design including the interaction of character development, level design, game play experience, and delivery systems are covered. Alternate gaming paradigms and emerging forms are encouraged.

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