Project: The Other



Kathleen Ruiz, abd Ph.D.,: Originator/Project Director/Producer

Andrew Morris: GSAS/Computer Science 2015 Programmer/Designer

Evan Gonzales: eARTs 2015 Music/Sound

Sarah Plant: Independent Composer/Musician: Music

Yijia Chen: GSAS/eARTs 2017: Artist


Project: The Other is an artistic research project that seeks to study new kinds of experiences within virtual spaces which employ the natural ability of simulation media to show multiple viewpoints, 1st person experience, and intentionality. Our team consists of mainly marginalized and underrepresented individuals in the world of games and simulation. We hope that our research leads towards a better ethic of acceptance of “the other” (E. Levinas) and that it can open new territories of creative inquiry for others.


Project: The Other sees untapped potential in interactive simulation and game worlds in exploring one another. Simulation media naturally lends itself towards more subjunctive thinking, thinking not in facts but, as contingencies or possibilities. Project: The Other rejects the Cartesian split between subject and object and the seeing of the world and others as an “it” which is "out there.” Instead, Project: The Other embraces more phenomenological spatial metaphors and the idea that we are embedded in the world and in nature. “The Other” essentially shows how “other” influences “each other”, and that existence is essentially co-existence. (J.L. Nancy)


You Light Up My World is a pilot world of Project: The Other that is investigating virtual space with an entirely new approach to what can occur in interactive experiences. Here the project team is exploring networked Unity 3D worlds that use two Oculus Rift VR headsets with spatialized sound and music in conjunction with programmed atmospheric effects to illuminate revelations of a very unique sort.