Still from “myme c.2006 Kathleen Ruiz

c.2006 Kathleen Ruiz


see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVMallkdlpo

myme” is a collection of animated sequences of a computer modeled three dimensional character. This character is an archetype or synthetic embodiment that seemingly "comes to life".  She moves almost as humans do, but she can also defy gravity, shatter apart and still function, and go on tirelessly...(that is until someone pulls the plug.) She becomes a compelling figment capable of transforming our imagination - somewhat like an alter ego, not exactly a shadow, but a distorted replica or clone of human movement and emotional endeavor. She is the embodiment of those things "discarded" from memory—a technological manifestation of human movements made in past time and space.

myme was created by using motion capture technology and 3D computer modeling and is seen as a compilation of short animated sequences where the main character uncannily shows us some potent elements of our “all too human” nature. 

Designed, directed and produced by digital media artist Kathleen Ruiz
Dancers: Vicky Shick/Lisa Naugle/Barbara Kilpatrick (dance consultation)
Composers: Elise Kermani /Sarah Plant