CapAbility Games Research Group

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From The Center for Disability Services:

Mary Kim PurcelL
Director of Albany Adult Day Services Technology Center

Ashlye Cheely
Speech Language Pathologist

Dick May
Technology Center Program Coordinator

From Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute:

Kathleen Ruiz
Associate Professor of Integrated Arts

Jennifer Ash, RPI '08
Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences (BS)
Psychology (BS)

Role: Project manager, game design/play, art support

Zach Barth, RPI '08
Computer Systems Engineering (BS)
Computer Science (BS)

Role: Game design, programming, electronics design, interface and execution

Peter Mueller, RPI '08
Product Design and Innovation (BS)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)

Role: 3D Modeling, design

Darren Dimingos, RPI '10
Electronic Arts
Role: Artist

Benjamin Esposito, RPI '11
Role: Artist

Graduated members
Terry Lucas, RPI '07
Information Technology (BS)
Role: Arts, 3D character design/modeling

Niraj Shrestha, RPI '06
Cognitive Science (BS)
Role: Starting member, design

Ben Frost, RPI '07
Computer Science (BS)
Role: Character/level design, starting member

Previous members, now advisors:
Brian Ratta

Andrey Turovsky
Computer Systems Engineering (BS)
Computer Science (BS)

Interests: OpenGL, Glut, embedded control, interface/graphics/game play

Alexander Biberman

Adam Wise, RPI '07
Interests: Mecatronics