Artist Statement
Activating Play is an innovative new computer game which uses cell phone technology in order to incorporate game play into the real world. This role playing game integrates aspects of the "real" physical world into its main computer game, to help progress the virtual plot. Gamers will be interested in this game because it rewards completed mini-missions with virtual *and* physical rewards.

Experienced gamers are looking for something new and different like Activating Play to take their understanding of modern gaming into the 2lst century. Now gamers will be able to participate in the game even when they are walking down the street or riding in a car.

Activating Play is a game targeted at 16-28 year old males and females who have PCs and personal cell phones with GPS support. This innovative new game will bring gaming into the real world, even when the user is away from their computer.

Some predecessors of this game include Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Majestic.